Park Community Credit Union - 7 Ways to Stay Organized This School Year

Many people as the school year approaches make resolutions to stay more organized and do better in school. As an upcoming junior in college, I know a lot about organization. You could say that I am a total neat freak. I love to keep things organized, and it really helps with every aspect of my life. These are seven things I do that have helped me, since I was a freshman in high school, stay organized and succeed.

1. Buy a planner: This is something I cannot stress enough!!! Having a planner and actually using it can really help you know how your day, week and month are going to play out right before you. It is proven that writing things down helps you retain information better, so go ahead and write in all your plans and due dates. To make it more fun, buy colored pens and highlighters to write your reminders and notes! (via Scattered Squirrel)
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2. Set early due dates: I have easily forgotten about papers or stayed up late the day before it’s due, and its super stressful to whip out a paper in time and get a good grade. Try writing down the due date and a bunch of reminders. Write on the day before the due date, a week before the due date, and any other days you feel appropriate that will prompt you to look at the assignment and get a head start. (via Mom’s Favorite Stuff)
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3. Color code: This is another tip I give everyone I meet when they ask about how I stay organized. Set a color to each school subject; red is math, purple is English, green is science, and black is history for example. Once you use this system enough, the colors will be ingrained in your brain and you won’t ever have to think, “Which folder is ecology again?” or grab the wrong binder because they look the same. The more color variety you have, the better. (via Out of Our Minds to Yours)
4. Binders and folders: Have a half-inch or one inch binder for every class, and make sure you put papers you get back in them. Don’t just shove papers in your backpack, they will get crumpled and lost. When you need them you won’t have them or they will be too crumpled to turn in. Also, make sure you clean out your binder and folders so you don’t have materials from years ago in them. (via Brunette Love)
5. Accordion folders: If binders aren’t your style, or you don’t want to carry a bunch of binders, that’s okay, there are other options. Buy an accordion folder and label each tab a subject. You can still color code by using colored paper to write the subject on, and all your papers will be in one, nice, central location. Buy a 13-subject folder that way you have enough room and you can incorporate any after school clubs/sports you might get paperwork from. (via
6. Notability: Do you hate having to carry around a bunch of notebooks? Does having two notebooks per subject because you run out of paper in one confuse you? Forget about those problems and save some trees. If your school or professor allows it, use a tablet and take your notes in Notability. Notability is an app specifically for taking notes, and you are able to write with a stylus, write with your finger, make diagrams and shapes and even type your notes if you prefer it that way. I personally LOVE this app, and have used it for note taking since my senior year of high school. When it comes time to study, just pull up your notes on the tablet or print them out. Once your semester is over, you can print your notes to save for later, or you can upload them to a flash drive or storage site. This app does cost money, but it will be the best money you spend! (via Fractus Learning)
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7. Dry erase board/ chalkboard: A dry erase board or chalkboard is another fun way to keep organized. Place this in a central location where you would see it often, like near your door or above your desk. It’s both fun and functional. Write down important dates and make to-do lists, but also have some fun with cool magnets, pictures, and markers/chalk. I have a small 12×16 dry erase board in my room, and I love being able to see what I have going on for the week and checking off tasks to feel accomplished. (via Artsy Chicks Rule)

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