Park Community Credit Union - It’s Time to Get Your Savings In Shape

It’s Time to Get Your Savings In Shape

It’s time to get your savings in shape! Learn the importance of an emergency fund. View Infographic

Balancing Your Checkbook Gives You Power

Get a better understanding of your checking account. Understand overdrafts, staying alert and balancing your checkbook. View Infographic

Coupon Clip Your Way to Savings

Learn some tips on saving in the grocery store and how to cut a bit off your bill. Every cent

Buying a Used Car Can be Rewarding and Cost-Effective

Learn the importance of doing your research before buying your first or next car! View Infographic

Living on Your Own Can Be A Reality Check

Are you prepared to make the big move? Here are a few things to consider as you plan your move.

Build a Budget You’ll Stick With

Learn how to use psychology to build a budget you’ll stick with. View Infographic

What’s Inflation?

Learn about the basics of inflation and make price comparisons from the 1950s to today. View Infographic 

Take Savings Seriously

Learn why a budget is important and what to include in your own. View Infographic