Park Community Credit Union - It’s Time to Get Your Savings In Shape

It’s Time to Get Your Savings In Shape

It’s time to get your savings in shape! Learn the importance of an emergency fund. View Infographic

Balancing Your Checkbook Gives You Power

Get a better understanding of your checking account. Understand overdrafts, staying alert and balancing your checkbook. View Infographic

Keep an Eye Out for These Red Flags

Learn how to spot and protect yourself from scams. View Infographic 

Preparation is Key

Learn a few quick tips on acing your next job interview. View Infographic

Coupon Clip Your Way to Savings

Learn some tips on saving in the grocery store and how to cut a bit off your bill. Every cent

Time = Money

Learn how to make the most out of compound interest. View Infographic 

Stocks and Bonds are the Two Main Investment Vehicles

Investing is a risky business. Do your homework first and understand the risks of different types of investments. View Infographic

Retirement Savings Options

Why everyone should be thinking of retirement plans sooner rather than later. It pays to start saving early! View Infographic 

Let’s Talk Taxes

Get to know your pay stub better. Learn how to get a better understanding of what to expect at tax-time

Which Card Should I Use to Pay?

Learn about the differences between credit, debit and prepaid debit cards and which to use in various situations. View Infographic 

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Fifty-one percent of U.S. employees feel overall satisfied with their job, according to The Conference Board’s latest survey on job

Consumers More Likely to Get Vaccinated After Last Year’s Bad Flu Season

Marking the start of flu vaccine availability, a new survey from CVS Health released recently found that one in five

National Thrift Store Day Is This Friday

If you haven’t been to your local thrift store in a while, perhaps this Friday would be a good time