Park Community Credit Union - Will More Autonomous Vehicles Mean Fewer Accidents?

Will More Autonomous Vehicles Mean Fewer Accidents?

Autonomous vehicles are coming, and the result may be fewer “fender bender” accidents on the road, according to a new

“How Are We Doing Today?”

Around one-third of healthcare providers now use remote monitoring and video-based ‘virtual care’ services to improve patient engagement and access

Life Gets More Expensive for America’s Hungry

The economy has improved a lot in recent years, but there are still millions of hardworking Americans facing hunger. The

Robert Half Offers Tips for a Resume Refresh

Few companies see more resumes than staffing firm Robert half. They see the good, the bad and the job-killing awful

3D Mammography is Advancing Cancer Screening and Treatment for Women, Infiniti Research Finds.

New advances in mammography hold the promise of earlier detection, and more effective treatment of, one of the most dangerous

Don’t Blame the Brain

Since a stroke occurs in the brain, it might seem like that’s where the problem started. But that is not

Refinance Your Existing Auto Loan through Your Credit Union, and Save Big

You could be wasting money every month on your car payment without even realizing it. That’s because you – like

What We Make

Are wages keeping ahead of inflation? Yes, according to some new data from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The

Some Input, Please

Early computers were strange devices. They had no screens, and the only input device was a thing that looked like

Bank Card Default Rate Rises for a Fifth Straight Month, S&P/Experian Report

Consumer bank card defaults rose for a fifth straight month in March, according to data from S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Majority of U.S. Employees Overall Satisfied with Their Job, According to The Conference Board

Fifty-one percent of U.S. employees feel overall satisfied with their job, according to The Conference Board’s latest survey on job

Consumers More Likely to Get Vaccinated After Last Year’s Bad Flu Season

Marking the start of flu vaccine availability, a new survey from CVS Health released recently found that one in five

National Thrift Store Day Is This Friday

If you haven’t been to your local thrift store in a while, perhaps this Friday would be a good time