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A New Banking Experience Serving Historically Black and Brown Underserved Communities Across Kentucky.

What is OroWa?

OroWa is a phrase originating in the Nigerian language, Yoruba, meaning, “Our Wealth.”  The OroWa logo is a combination of two symbols, The Nserewa, an Adinkra Symbol that signifies “Wealth, Abundance and Affluence,” and The Circle in Red, symbolizing our connection.

OroWa Financial is an opportunity for the black and brown underserved communities to build institutional, community, and family wealth to power this generation and those to come.

Meet the Team.

Raymond Smith & Drew Pleasant Headshots


OroWa Financial is the product of a partnership between Park Community Credit Union and The General Association of Baptist In Kentucky (GABKY).  The General Association serves over 500 historically African American Churches in Kentucky with over 175,000 members.

Partnering with GABKY strengthens Park’s commitment to providing remarkable service and products while providing the tools for  financial success within African American and traditionally underserved communities across the Commonwealth.

  • Checking

    • Regular Checking
    • HI-Checking
    • Timeless Checking
    • Student Checking
  • Savings

    • Regular Savings
    • Youth Savings
    • Health Savings Account
  • Investing

    • Certificates
    • Money Market
    • IRAs
    • Investments
  • Business Services

    • Checking & Savings
    • Certificates
    • Money Market
    • Commercial Loans
    • Micro-commercial Loans
  • Mortgages

    • Conventional
    • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)
    • First Time Homebuyer
    • West Louisville Mortgage
    • Residential Professional
  • Personal Loans

    • Auto
    • Recreational
    • Vacation
    • Holiday

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone can open an account with OroWa Financial as long as membership is allowable under Park Community’s current field of membership. Accounts can be opened by visiting Park Community Credit Union branch locations.

  • OroWa financial is a division of Park Community. As an OroWa member, you are also a member of Park Community Credit Union.

  • Park Community has several branch locations throughout Southern Indiana and the Commonwealth that are prepared to assist OroWa financial members.