Park Community Credit Union - Share Certificates

Share Certificates offer peace of mind with interest.

At Park Community, you can grow your money faster with the better interest rates only a not-for-profit can offer.

Park Community Credit Union Share Certificates are safe, secure, and insured up to $250,000*. Choose your type of share certificate, your terms, and your opening investment and start saving today with one of our five great Share Certificates.

Traditional Share certificate $500 minimum

With terms ranging from six months to five years and fabulously competitive rates, the traditional share certificate requires a minimum opening balance of only $500. At the end of your term, you can either cash out or reinvest.

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Wealth builder Share certificate $250 minimum

The Wealth Builder share certificate still earns more interest than a regular savings account, but only requires a minimum deposit of $250. Plus, you can add invest more each week ($10 minimum) by visiting Park Community Credit Union or through direct deposit or payroll deduction.

CerKIDicate share certificate $100 minimum

Share certificates are for kids, too! Get your kids on the right track to financial success and teach them the value of investing with a CerKIDicate. CerKIDicates require only $100 to open and offer 24-month terms so your kids can watch their money grow while they’re growing. Dividend rates on CerKIDicates are 0.50% above regular share certificate dividend rates.

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Bump share certificate $500 minimum

If you’re worried about rates increasing if you lock into a share certificate today, a Bump Certificate* can help you get great rates now, and later. With the Bump Certificate, you choose from a 12 or 24-month term. Then, after you’ve had the certificate for at least 6 months, you can “bump” up to the current Bump Certificate dividend rate, one time during the term of your certificate. The higher rate will be paid for the remaining term of your share certificate.

  • *Initial APY and dividend rate is 0.05% below regular share certificate rates. Available terms are 12 and 24 month. Six months after opening, member has one-time option to update (bump) rates to the current rates, which will remain in effect until the certificate maturity date.

JUMBO share certificate $50,000 minimum

The Jumbo Share Certificate offers higher rates for larger deposits. With a minimum $50,000 to open, you’ll earn higher dividend rates than our standard share certificate. You can choose from 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60-month terms.

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Traditional Share Certificates

Term Minimum Dividend Rate APY*
6-month term Minimum $500 0.846% 0.85%
12-month term Minimum $500 1.045% 1.05%
18-month term Minimum $500 1.193% 1.20%
24-month term Minimum $500 1.193% 1.20%
36-month term Minimum $500 1.242% 1.25%
48-month term Minimum $500 1.242% 1.25%
60-month term Minimum $500 1.440% 1.45%

Wealth Builder Share Certificate

Term Minimum Dividend Rate APY*
24-month term Minimum $250 0.946% 0.95%

CerKIDicate Share Certificate

Term Minimum Dividend rate APY*
24-month term Minimum $100 1.686% 1.70%

Bump Share Certificate

Term Minimum Dividend Rate APY*
12-month term Minimum $500 0.995% 1.00%
24-month term Minimum $500 1.143% 1.15%

Jumbo Share Certificates

Term Minimum Dividend Rate APY*
12-month term Minimum $50,000 1.094% 1.10%
24-month term Minimum $50,000 1.242% 1.25%
36-month term Minimum $50,000 1.292% 1.30%
48-month term Minimum $50,000 1.292% 1.30%
60-month term Minimum $50,000 1.489% 1.50%
  • *APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are current as of 7/14/2022 and are subject to change without notice. An early withdrawal penalty may be imposed on all share certificate accounts. For more detailed information, call 502.968.3681. Share certificate funds are insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 per individual (included with aggregate balance on deposit at Park Community Credit Union.