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The first thing we’ll lend is an ear.

  • Home

    Get a low-rate home loan for every single stage of your life.

  • Auto

    Lower rates that mean payments you can write home about.

  • Custom

    Get a custom loan for just about everything you can think of.

Zero Closing Costs on HELOC

Home Improvement? Vacation? Debt Consolidation? Take on your to-do list with a Home Equity Line from Park!

Middle School Girls' Summit

The Summit draws on the insights of accomplished women in our community to help cultivate the attendees into future leaders, giving them the tools they need to do and to be their best!


It's that time of year again for graduating seniors. Apply for one of our scholarships today!

Switch Kit

Be a member, not a number.

With our handy Switch Kit, we’ve made joining Park Community as easy as a mouse click, so you can quickly find out why being a member is so much better than being a customer.

Call on us for unique banking options.
Just don’t call us a bank.

  • Participating Dealers

    Find a dealership near you to open a Park Community account.

  • Micro Loans

    Small loans so that small business can get bigger.

  • Convenience Payments

    Schedule one-time payments from a different bank or credit union.

  • Skip-a-Month Payment

    Skip up to two payments a year without a hit on your credit score.