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The first thing we’ll lend is an ear.

  • Home

    Get a low-rate home loan for every single stage of your life.

  • Auto

    Lower rates that mean payments you can write home about.

  • Custom

    Get a custom loan for just about everything you can think of.

Hardship Loan

With the Hardship Loan, it will allow members to borrow up to $5,000 for up to 36 months at 3.0% APR*. Best part? Your first payment isn't due for 90 days!

Credit Card Relief

If you have a Park Community credit card, you may now be eligible for a credit limit increase of up to $500!

Paycheck Protection Program Loan

Are you a small business in need of COVID-19 relief? A Paycheck Protection Program loan can help.

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Switch Kit

Be a member, not a number.

With our handy Switch Kit, we’ve made joining Park Community as easy as a mouse click, so you can quickly find out why being a member is so much better than being a customer.

Call on us for unique banking options.
Just don’t call us a bank.

  • Participating Dealers

    Find a dealership near you to open a Park Community account.

  • Micro Loans

    Small loans so that small business can get bigger.

  • Convenience Payments

    Schedule one-time payments from a different bank or credit union.

  • Skip-a-Month Payment

    Skip up to two payments a year without a hit on your credit score.