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The first thing we’ll lend is an ear.

  • Home

    Get a low-rate home loan for every single stage of your life.

  • Auto

    Lower rates that mean payments you can write home about.

  • Custom

    Get a custom loan for just about everything you can think of.

Holiday Loan

Holiday loan for a limited time. Offered through October - January 2019.

19 for ’19 Certificate Special

Start the new year with our certificate special that gives you 2.75% APY** for 19 months.

Skip A Payment

Could you use a little extra cash during the winter holidays? Why not just skip a payment on your Park loan to free up extra cash?

Visa Double Points

This holiday season earn double reward points while shopping and save up for the reward of your choice.

Switch Kit

Be a member, not a number.

With our handy Switch Kit, we’ve made joining Park Community as easy as a mouse click, so you can quickly find out why being a member is so much better than being a customer.

Call on us for unique banking options.
Just don’t call us a bank.

  • Participating Dealers

    Find a dealership near you to open a Park Community account.

  • Micro Loans

    Small loans so that small business can get bigger.

  • Convenience Payments

    Schedule one-time payments from a different bank or credit union.

  • Skip-a-Month Payment

    Skip up to two payments a year without a hit on your credit score.

A community of opportunity.

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