Park Community Credit Union - Business Accounts

Helping small businesses become big businesses.

Our Business Accounts are designed to help you achieve big things. Like growth.

Small Business Checking

The small business checking account was designed specifically for start-ups, home-based businesses, and small corporations. Featuring up to 250 free monthly transaction items, this checking account is the place to start when you start your business. Small Business Checking Accounts also offer:

  • No Minimum Balance Requirements
  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • Minimum Opening Balance of only $100
  • FREE Online Banking
  • FREE Debit/ATM Business Card
  • Courtesy Overdraft Protection
  • 7 FREE foreign ATM transactions

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Basic Business Checking

The Basic Business Checking Account is for businesses expecting up to 450 monthly transactions, and it features no monthly service fees if a minimum daily balance of $1,000 is maintained. This account also features:

  • FREE Debit/ATM Business Card
  • FREE Online Banking
  • 7 FREE foreign ATM transactions per cycle
  • Minimum Opening Balance of only $100

Contact us today for more information at 502.968.3681.

Community Checking

This checking account features all of the perks you would get with a Small or Basic Business Checking Account, but with no minimum daily balances and no services fees. This account is exclusive to associations and non-profit organizations.

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Business Savings Accounts

Take your earnings to the next level with the super competitive interest rates from a Park Community Business Savings Account. This is the perfect account for your business to earn interest and maintain maximum liquidity.

The minimum opening deposit is only $5, so what are you waiting for? Open your Business Savings Account today.

Contact us today for more information at 502.968.3681.

Share Certificate Account for Business

Share Certificates are a safe, secure, and stable way of investing in the future of your business. At Park Community, we offer two types for businesses:

  • Traditional – $500 to open
  • Wealth Builder – $250 to open
  • Share Certificates for businesses are available with terms of six months to five years. Reinvest or cash out at the end of the term.

Contact us today for more information at 502.968.3681.

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Money Market Account for Business

Businesses can get all the benefits of a savings account and all the privileges of a checking account in one Money Market Account for Business. Money Market Accounts for Business include:

  • No monthly service charge
  • 6 FREE withdrawals per month*
  • Interest paid on balances meeting or exceeding $1,000
  • FREE online banking
  • FREE signature guarantee

Contact us today for more information at 502.968.3681.

  • *Additional withdrawals $10 per occurrence. Minimum withdrawal amount $250. If a withdrawal is less than $250, a $10 fee is assessed per occurrence.